Guernsey Literary Festival Poster

In its second year, The Guernsey Literary Festival 2012 is set to be an incredible four-day event for writers, poets, journalists, publishers, readers, bloggers and people with a vested interested in literature.  Having been asked to work on the original artwork in 2011, I was honoured to be asked by the organisers to update and modernise the look of the festival. 
 The first part of this project was the event poster. This was to be a teaser piece outlining the headlining acts that would be appearing in September 2012. 
 The idea started life after stumbling upon a book called ABC3d, a pop-up alphabet book. I had the idea of creating a pop-up poster of the names that would be headlining the Literary Festival. 
 Firstly a layout was created in Illustrator with the names of the writers who featured in the festival. When I was happy with the layout I flipped all the type, so they were mirrored. They were printed and then pasted onto 200gsm card. After about five hours of cutting with a scalpel, I was left with five layers of names and the title of the festival. The layers were spaced out using books and tape to create the shadows. 
I played with the layout for a while until I was happy. The paper type was then photographed from above with the hand drawn type overlaid in Photoshop.

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