The Eleanor Foundation Branding

The Eleanor Foundation Branding The Eleanor Foundation was set up in memory of Ellie Carey, who tragically died in a London road traffic accident in December 2011. The Foundation aims to both raise road safety awareness and money for people living in poverty to build sustainable lives. I personally knew Ellie and wanted to help contribute in some way towards the Foundation. After a few meetings with the Carey family, it was obvious the charity needed a strong identity to promote its fundraising events. The family were also planning on raising money for a number of other charities that Ellie was a patron of. These included supporting: sending bikes to Africa, road safety and building water pumps. It seemed logical to me that the print work should be based on sustainability. The family loved the idea of using stencils, stamps or home printing as a finish for the stationary. The paper used was a 100% recycled Cairn Natural. The main expense was the cost of the rubber stamps. The stamps will initially be used to create the busines cards and letter heads, then for stamping hands to show admittance into fundraising events and other promotions.

Logo Concepts
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